Norman B18
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mooseherman 11/01/2011

Norman B18 : la opinión de mooseherman (content in English)

"Decent acoustic, good for the price"

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This is a pretty basic guitar that's made in Quebec, Canada. They are still an up and coming guitar company but their work is really solid. There are no controls as this is an acoustic guitar, a dreadnought one at that. It's got a cedar body with a rosewood neck and fretboard. It's got a nice lacquer finish too. There are really only 14 frets until the cutaway, but with some manuevering you can play up until about 15 or 16 though it will be difficult and unnatural. There are options to have electronics installed too but the one I played didn't have them.


It's not very easy to hit the last frets on this guitar, but it's more a strummer kind of guitar, or even a finger picker, and it's not really all that necessary to hit those high notes with it. If that's a priority for you, than this isn't your guitar. Otherwise, there's a lot to like. It seems like the older the guitar is, and the more it's been played, the better it plays. This is the mark of most good guitars, which is why I'm starting to believe that Norman guitars are the real deal. It's a lighter guitar and it won't put a strain on your back at all. It's stable and it's really easy to play and get a nice sound.


I really like the sound of this guitar when it's being strummed. It's bright but smooth, controlled and rolling. It's also a really nice guitar to play finger style. The chords ring out nicely and will definitely cut clearly through a live mix or even a studio mix. I like to use this guitar in the studio and when I'm rehearsing by myself as it's not electronic and won't hook up to a PA unless I use my Dean Markley Pickup.
I like to play folky, almost countryish sort of rock stuff on this, as well as some more fingerstyle stuff, so I would say that overall I really dig the sound. It's not quite the best I've heard, not by a long shot. But it is a whole lot cheaper than those.


I like the price and the feel of this guitar a lot. It's a little more awkward than some of my favorites but I'm getting used to it and I can play it well. It also does sound good, though not incredible. I'd say that if there are nicer Norman guitar models out there, that I'd love to play them. They certainly can't be bad considering the quality of this thing. Overall I'd recommend to just about anybody who is looking for something different and wants to save some dough.