Taylor Baby Taylor
Taylor Baby Taylor

Baby Taylor, Guitarra Folk Acústica Dreadnought from Taylor in the Baby Taylor series.

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mooseherman 16/06/2010

Taylor Baby Taylor : la opinión de mooseherman (content in English)

"Solid Tiny Guitar"

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This is an american made Taylor acoustic, one that is 3/4 the size of most of their guitars. This makes it ideal for young children who want to learn how to play guitar, as it accommodates their smaller fingers. There aren't any pickups on this guitar. There are 19 frets on it. The fingerboard is rosewood and feels good. The bridge is a standard Taylor acoustic bridge.


There aren't that many high notes on this guitar, and the high ones aren't particularly easy to get to. But this is an acoustic that most likely won't be getting used for leads, so this isn't that much of a problem. The sound is pretty, it has a full tone for such a small guitar. It's so light and easy to carry that it's very much a fun guitar to have.


The sound quality of this guitar is pretty good for how light it is. It's basically perfect for a campfire singalong style of playing. It's probably not the perfect guitar to use for recording, mainly because it's small stature and limited frets don't give it the kind of resonance that you need for a good acoustic sound. It fits the styles of playing I mentioned before, mainly the singalong and strumming styles.


If you are looking for a good guitar to be able to bring around with you, or a good guitar for a child to start playing, this is probably that guitar. It's got the right balance of portability and sound/feel. It isn't that expensive so it's usually a good buy. I like using it when I'd rather not play one of my nicer acoustics, so it's useful. There are a lot of traveler's guitars around, but none quite like this one. I recommend it highly.