Recording King RG31
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moosers 22/02/2010

Recording King RG31 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Recording King RG-31 Lap Steel Guitar is a budget lap steel, made for beginning players. However, do not let this foot you, as I was definitely surprised to see how well this steel played and sounded. The guitar just has one pick up, with tone and volume knobs...


Playing the Recording King RG-31 Lap Steel Guitar is a pretty easy thing to do if you can play. While I'm not the most experienced lap steel player, I find it easy to play this guitar. As long as the guitar is properly set up, I don't see why most players wouldn't find the RG-31 to be easy to get a feel on overall. It is a compact instrument like most lap steels, that is very easy to bring around...


The tone of the Recording King RG-31 Lap Steel Guitar is very smooth overall. The pick up is definitely not the best, and if you were to replace it I would imagine that you'd bring this guitar into a whole other league. I've used the RG-31 with a Vox AC30 and a Boss CS-3 compression pedal, as I always try to have some compression with the lap steel to give it some more sustain. I also used a bit of overdrive, but of course this is all up to your taste. Like I said earlier, I'm not the best lap steel player, but I found that within this configuration I was able to get a very nice steel tone with this guitar.


Until I actually tried one of these, I was always wary of the Recording King RG-31 Lap Steel Guitar. The main reason for this is the price, as this is just about as cheap as you can get for a decent lap steel. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this instrument was not only easy to play, but had a very clean and full tone quality. I'm hoping to eventually replace the pick up on this guitar, as I really think it would make a huge difference. All in all, the Recording King RG-31 is the perfect lap steel to get started with.