Fender FR-50 Resonator
Fender FR-50 Resonator

FR-50 Resonator, Guitarra Resofónica from Fender in the FR series.

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moosers 15/05/2009

Fender FR-50 Resonator : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Fender Resonator FR 50 is an acoustic resonator guitar that has no pick ups or setting controls, and relies on metal resonators to give it its unique sound. The neck is made out of rosewood, and it has a spruce top with mahogany sides.


The neck of the Fender Resonator FR 50 has a fluid feel, making the guitar really easy to play. I was new to resonator style guitars when I got this guitar and I found that the transition was quick easy with thanks to the beautiful neck and overall feel of this guitar. The guitar is heavier than an average guitar, but that is to be expected due to the metal resonators. Its pretty easy to get a sound as the inherent tone is pretty good, of course you must know how to play it though!


The overall sound heard from the Fender Resonator FR 50 is pretty impressive, especially considering the price of this guitar. It is heard mostly in country, folk, and bluegrass music but is suitable for any type that you would want to use it with. I have used it for recording and practicing all types of music ranging from pop and rock to traditional country and bluegrass. I'm always happy with the sounds I get from this guitar and the sound has definitely exceeded my expectations.


I've been using the Fender Resonator FR 50 for about a year and I have found it to be a more than adequate introduction to the world of resonator guitars. I've always loved the sound of a resonator guitar and I when I saw that Fender was selling one for such a cheap price I had to try it out, and I've been pleasantly surprised ever since. This is a perfect guitar for those looking to try out or get into playing resonator guitars and is even suitable for recording and live shows. I love having my Fender Resonator FR 50 guitar around and would highly recommend it for all looking for a cheap resonator.