ICONNEX USB SOUND CARD, Interfaz Audio para DJ from iKEY-audio.

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stompboxjon 14/03/2013

iKEY-audio ICONNEX USB SOUND CARD : la opinión de stompboxjon (content in English)

"Handy to have one"

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The iKey iConnex interface is very portable and small, it is great to use with a laptop on the go. It will work with both Macs and PC computers. There are no drivers that you user needs to worry about installing and that is a huge plus because it will be able to work with any computer anywhere.


There is no set up involved with this interface it is completely plug and play with any computer. It has a stitched line input and a stereo RCA output. It is somewhat “cheap” and plastic like but it only cost around 50 dollars and I feel that any portable musician should also have one around just in case. There are no preamps in it, but it does come with software in case the “first time user” does not have anything to record with. I would not purchase this as your main interface for you home set up, only as a back up or an on the go interface would be the only reason that I would purchase this. With no preamp, your sound will not be the cleanest and it will have a lot of color to it but if you are just getting ideas out to redo later on when you get to a better set up, it will work fine!


I always suggest musicians get small interfaces like this that can be plugged into any computer to work at any time. I have even used it to digitalize my old cassette tapes and record collection. The sound s not the best but it is decent to work.


For it to be as cheap and plastic like as it is, I have not had any issues with it not working or falling apart. Nor have I seen a bad review on it yet. It is well worth the 50 bucks!