Stanton Magnetics SCS.1m

SCS.1m, Interfaz Audio para DJ from Stanton Magnetics.

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JimboSpins 26/03/2013

Stanton Magnetics SCS.1m : la opinión de JimboSpins (content in English)

"Compatible with it all"

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The Stanton SCS.1m can control any software, I used it with about 3 different programs and it never gave me any issues. You can use this as a mixer or as a control, or both! There are EQ controls right on it and every single option can be synced with your programs functions. The only issues that I ran into were when trying to save presets so that I didn’t have to re-MIDI everything up each time I wanted to turn on the device and use it.


This unit connected to my computer via fire wire connection. I experienced no issues with the communication back and forth between the SCS.1m and my PC. The latency was very low and pushing all of the buttons/knobs was very responsive and the lag was very minimal.


Outside of using this with my PC I also used it directly with my CDJ and turntables because there is an auxiliary input to use. The auxiliary input is a great addition to have with this type of unit because it makes it useable with any set up for any DJ. I did hear a loss in audio quality when using my CDJ’s and running them through the aux in puts on the SCS.1m. It was more like just a volume loss and not really a overall sound quality loss.


I say that this mixer/controller is priced right where it should be. It is affordable and has all of the functions that I needed. The build of it is pretty solid though it is not has “heavy” or durable as I like my gear to be. But the functions and portability make up for it. In this price range you will not find something with the ability to work with any computer and CDJ or Turntables as smoothly as the SCS.1m can. This is great for bedroom DJ’s and performing DJ’s as well.