Alesis iO Dock
Alesis iO Dock

iO Dock, Interfaz de audio o MIDI para tableta/iDevice from Alesis in the iO series.

US public price: $199 VAT
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ericthegreat 26/09/2011

Alesis iO Dock : la opinión de ericthegreat (content in English)

"very pleased with this"

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Sound is really nice and smooth on the alesis iO dock, a little less ultra high end than I get out of the ProFire, but nothing to complain about, sounds pretty analog to me...I don't see myself getting fatigued listening to the dock. I tried the Korg iElectribe, the Korg iMS-20, O-Generator, Nlog Pro, SunVox, ReBirth, NanoStudio, and BeatMaker apps, all sounded great.

I also hooked up my bass (Fender Jazz) to the PRS Jam Amp, AmpKit, DAW MultiTrack, GarageBand, and Meteor apps and noticed a HUGE improvement over the Peavey Ampkit Link, and the PRS cord, and a couple home made cords I've put together. Using the dock's direct switch to toggle back and forth between the app's sound and the direct sound was very interesting. You could see how each app changes the sound...some taking out the treble side, some the bass, but with the dock, all sounded much better, flatter.

What I found really irritating however, was the fact that the dock's input 1 and 2 jacks are Right and Left respectively and only. Normally this is a good idea, but I like to set up grooves in my apps and jam to them, and it bugs me to no end that the input 2 jack (which has the guitar/mic switch) isn't centered when the direct switch is used.

One thing I am extremely curious to check out is if the USB connection is both ways. The Alesis website says you can use it for getting stuff in and out, but it's a B connector (usually associated with output), But for the price its worth the try! Or look around online you may find a used one for cheap on places like eBay or Craig list. Just take note that if you purchase it brand new it comes in a really big box for some reason.