MOTU Micro Express
MOTU Micro Express

Micro Express, Interfaz MIDI from MOTU in the Micro Express series.

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stompboxjon 15/09/2012

MOTU Micro Express : la opinión de stompboxjon (content in English)

"Great device, A little over priced"

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The Micro Express USB by MOTU cost about 250 dollars brand new, not that that is a bad price but I feel like its about 75 dollars overpriced. The Micro Express is the smaller version of the MIDI Express XT by MOTU. The Express USB is very easy to use and it is all plug and play. It does come with a manual which you will not need to read through unless its your first time working with MIDI and understanding it. The Micro Express is 4 in and 6 out and can give you control of up to 96 MIDI channels. I used the Micro Express USB with Cubase LE, it synced up all of my MIDI connections really fast. Even if I have to swap out some connects for different ones I didn’t even have to restart Cubase for it to recognize the “new” MIDI connection.


Though I have been using it for a while now, I have not had any driver updates and have not needed them. While using it on my Dual Core PC or on my Laptop when I go mobile I never have any driver or connection issues. Your USB port is what provides power to the Micro Express USB so there are not wall plug ins for power. All of the music that I make mostly comes in Cubase with this Micro Express USB. I have used it in FL Studio on a few occasions which is more of a pain when it comes to MIDI so I stay away from connecting any MIDI with FL Studio.


Besides it being a little overpriced in my opinion its still a great MIDI controller/interface for your connections. With enough ins and outs to run your personal or mobile studio. The unit seems to be pretty well built. Its not as big as I thought it was going to be, its really small and mobile. It fits in my laptop bag with my laptop in it. I do wish it came with some new MIDI cords though.