Sabian HHX Performance Set
Sabian HHX Performance Set

HHX Performance Set, Juego de Platillos from Sabian in the HHX series.

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sanjuro 01/12/2009

Sabian HHX Performance Set : la opinión de sanjuro (content in English)


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This performance pack is similar to that of the HHX evolution series.  Both are very high end lines featured in packs that are extremely expensive.  While this contains excellent cymbals, it raises questions about why someone would buy these together.  There is some small amount of savings, but in general when cymbals are bought in a pack you don't get to feel them out extensively.  Personally, I don't feel comfortable (unless its a really good deal and I have to dive on it) when buying cymbals unless I play them for a long time beforehand.  Even I, who have used HHX stage cymbals for many years, would be reluctant at buying this pack because every HHx even sounds slightly different.  That being said, despite its price, the HHX stage cymbals are some of the finest I have ever heard. I have more cymbals from the HHX line included in my prime setup than any other cymbal.

The ride is probably my favorite.  It has a dark, warm ping that is projected with ease.  I wouldn't call the cymbal dry, but it has some dry characteristics.  Its bell is perfect.  I feel like I can use this cymbal in any situation.  The hi hats are also amazing, with many of the same characteristics as the ride.  The hats are diverse, complex, and largely universal in musical application.  The crash is powerful, has a great response and medium decay.  It is probably the darkest of the other cymbals in the stage line, but not so much as the studio line.

I would still suggest examining these cymbals on their own before any purchases are made.  However, these are great cymbals from my personal favorite cymbal line.  Unfortunately great sounds are available at high prices.  I love the HHX line, so maybe this is worth taking a look at.