Zildjian ZBT Pro 4 Box Set
Zildjian ZBT Pro 4 Box Set

ZBT Pro 4 Box Set, Juego de Platillos from Zildjian in the ZBT series.

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docdrum1225 29/07/2008

Zildjian ZBT Pro 4 Box Set : la opinión de docdrum1225 (content in English)


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The Zildjian ZBT 4 Pro Pack is a great investment for the young or even the old drummer. The pack includes a 16” crash, 14” hi-hats, and a 20” ride. Sure the cymbals aren’t the best you can get, but you really can’t even come close to the price. If you’re starting out and you need to get started of with cymbals this is what you need to get. You get all the necessities needed to learn the drums. I bought my set when I began drumming and I still have the set today to use as back-ups. Lets break it down. The hi-hats: 14” is a good size to learn on, 15” are too big for a lot of people’s preference, and 13” are too small. 14” hats are very versatile, and perfect for any drumming situation. The bottom hat is thicker than the top so you get that great “chick” sound desired by many drummers. The cymbal: The 16” crash is a decent cymbal. I was not as pleased with it as the other cymbals because it seems to be a bit thicker than other crashes, so you really got to lay into it to get a crash out of it, its kind of like crashing on a ride cymbal, but If you just a beginner you can’t really tell the difference and by the time you can you’ll grow out of the cymbal. The Ride: The ride is a quality 20” ride cymbal. It has a nice “ping” sound to it witch makes it sound great. 20” rides seem to be more common than anything out there, they could have put a 22” but it really would have drained out the 16” crash and 14” hats. I think the cymbals work well when played as a set. They all balance each other very well. Zildjian designed these cymbals keeping balance, and quality in mind. I’m extremely glad I made this purchase it saved me from having to worry about buying a good set of balanced cymbals and it kept my money in my pocket. I say if your looking at this pack; go for it!