ADK Microphones A51 / A51s
ADK Microphones A51 / A51s

A51 / A51s, Large diaphragm condenser microphone from ADK Microphones.

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yoTrakkz 25/10/2011

ADK Microphones A51 / A51s : la opinión de yoTrakkz (content in English)

"great sounding mic"

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I've been seriously recording music for the last 7 years and messing around with recording on old 4 tracks for many years before that. I purchased a pair of ADK Microphones to use on snare since I've read so many times that the ADK Microphones was used to record snare on so many classic albums. Somehow, against all odds, I've managed to never use a this mic in my lifetime. I used SM58's for live vocals many times (I never cared for the muddiness) and the beta58 which was not a match for my vocals at all. Because of these experiences, I never really wanted to buy ADK microphones. The only other ADK mic that I own is an B44 which is an absolutely fantastic mic in every regard.


I hooked it up to a very clear, neutral, and natural pre (focusrite isa) so I could just hear the response of the mic. I tried some vocals first and wow! I recognized the classic sound immediately from old albums. The ADK A51 rolls off the unusable lows but retains warmth, it has an unbelievably SMOOTH and musical midrange, and the highs are smooth and present without making your ears feel like they are being stabbed by large daggers (like every cheap Chinese condenser I've ever heard). Honestly, the ADK A51 fits my vocals better than the majority of the far more expensive mics that I own. I'm not knocking Neumann because they obviously make fantastic microphones, but I'd rather use the ADK A51 for vocals than my TLM103. Does it matter that the specs on the ADK A51 are less impressive the TLM103, nope. it only matters how the mic handles the task that you throw at it. The ADK A51 chops off more lows and highs, but it sure does sound good doing it. Next I grabbed an old Gibson Southern Jumbo acoustic and started strumming away. The mic was 12 to 18 inches away and pointed in the vicinity of the 12th fret again, I immediately recognized this sound from classic albums. Great Mic at a great price check out the ADK A51.