AKG Perception 200
AKG Perception 200

Perception 200, Large diaphragm condenser microphone from AKG in the Perception series.

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victormelamade 26/10/2008

AKG Perception 200 : la opinión de victormelamade (content in English)


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The AKG perception 200 (name was changed to 220, so look that up instead if you are researching this mic) is the middle of the road large diaphragm condenser mic in AKG's budget or home studio line of microphones. The mic is extremely cheap for the sound quality. I won't say that this mic sounds great, because quite frankly it doesn't, but it's a big improvement over the cheaper AKG 120. This mic has a larger capsule size, which I think helps contribute to the sound of this mic seeming to be a little fuller and warmer. It still can tend to sound a little tinny or harsh, such as when you are recording a female vocalist, but overall it's not too bad. The mic is pretty versatile, and will do an okay job capturing most sources. The transients on this mic are surprisingly good and realistic sounding, I would say even better than the Perception 170 which has a smaller diaphragm. This mic also has more features which increase its value. It comes with a nice aluminum carrying case to protect it, and it also comes with a spider style shock mount. Also helping to eliminate bass rumble is the switchable high pass filter that you get with this. The filter is generally a plus, however I really feel that it starts cutting lows at too high of a frequency, so that unless whatever you're recording is really and truly bassy and boomy, your signal will just end up sounding flat and empty with no body. You can't change the cardioid pattern on this mic, so you don't get the added value that a switchable pattern mic can bring to your studio.


My friend has this mic and I have borrowed on numerous occasions when I was doing mic shootouts on a few instruments. At less than $200 the mic is a pretty good starting point for the home studio that wants to invest beyond an SM58 in their microphone selection. You will definitely want to get a pop filter with this mic, because for some reason it seems overly sensitive to plosives when you are close miking a vocalist. The price is low and the quality is a little better than average, so this mic is a pretty good value. At this price point this is definitely one of the better condenser mics out there. AKG is a reliable company too, so these mics are definitely built to last.