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victormelamade 24/10/2008

Audio-Technica AT2020 : la opinión de victormelamade (content in English)


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The AT2020 is a pretty nice large diaphragm condenser mic. I used to own 2 of these to use as a stereo pair but I ended up selling them after I could afford better ones. Overall they are pretty good mics, and they are very cheap for how they sound so they're a good value. The one's I got did not come with a case or a shock mount, just a normal hard clip and a bag. I was a little disappointed about that because with any condenser mic the manufacturer should give you a case so they don't get broken. Luckily they are pretty sturdy mics, because I dropped one in the bag one time and it still seemed to work just fine. They are cardioid mics which you can't switch to other polar patterns. They don't have any other nice features that better mics have like a high pass filter or a pad. The sound quality of the mics is average. They sound just a little bit cheap, like what you recorded is being played back through lousy speakers. The sound is just not as clear and smooth as you would normally want to get from a condenser mic. The transients that you hear through this mic also sound kind of flat and not very animated.


I had two of these mics for about a year a while ago but I ended up selling them. I thought they were good while I had them but I quickly got tired of their sound, which is not that great, and upgraded to a better pair of stereo mics that were large diaphragms. The price is very good on these though since they are only about 100 dollars per mic. Overall I wouldn't really recommend these mics because you just aren't going to get a great sound. I wouldn't get it again.