Behringer B-2 Pro

Behringer B-2 Pro

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B-2 Pro, Large diaphragm condenser microphone from Behringer.

5 user reviews
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Behringer B-2 Pro tech. sheet

  • Fabricant : Behringer
  • Modèle : B-2 Pro
  • Catégorie : Large diaphragm condenser microphones
  • Fiche créée le : 23/03/2004

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Opinión Behringer B-2 Pro


La opinión de fabrice.fargues

Behringer B-2 Pro
Micrófono estático multi-direccional (cardioide, omni, en bucle).Paso bajo con atenuador 10dBSe entrega en una maleta con un filtro y una pinza (excelente calidad de construcción).


Tengo 2, y me ha gustado el serio de la fabricación, y la facilidad de manejo...Lo uso para grabar coros con una precisión impresionante, muy buena definición en la parte alta del espectro, para voces femeninas, sin ser agresivo (importante para mí), aunque tenga medios un poco ?duros?, respeta la profundidad de las voces graves, aunque le falte un poco de calidez, pero que un buen preamplificador le proporcionará...Utilizado con instrumentos acústicos, me ha asombrado el respecto de los timbres tan ricos o complejos como los de un clarinete o de una flauta traversera por ejemplo. Aguanta sin problema la potencia de un trombón o de una trompeta... Un encanto con un precio reducido, porque en cuanto al presupuesto, está al alcance de todos los bolsillos. Para tomas multipistas de un cuarteto de clarinetes, es excelente.Por supuesto no es un Neumann U87, soy un aficionado, no tiene su calidez, pero la relación calidad/precio no tiene comparación, hasta en Rode, Stagg, AKG y equivalentes, en esta gama de precios... recomiendo escucharlo lo más pronto posible...Traducido de la opinión de fabrice.fargues en Audiofanzine en Francés
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La opinión de AlanForPresident (content in English)"Affordable, but does need some work"

Behringer B-2 Pro
The Beyer B2 Pro is a dual diaphragm condenser microphone and is one of the cheapest priced microphones that will get you a good sound no matter if you use it for vocals or for instruments. It is a pretty versatile microphone, it is a condenser so it will require a 48 V phantom power to work, unlike the other Beyer microphone that is dynamic and doesn’t require you to have phantom power. It is shock mounted and has a pressure gradient transducer. It has a great transparent sound, the sound is actually better a few of the other Beyer microphones that cost almost twice as much. When choosing a condenser microphone it will come down to exactly what you want to use it for. All condenser microphones are better in some areas and not so good in others. This microphone can be used for live vocals, but I didn’t like the way it sounded when used for live instruments. When using the Beyer B2 Pro for live instruments in a live setting, the quality of the instruments wasn’t not too good. For live instruments I suggest using in a studio setting with proper room acoustics in order to get the best sound. You will not need room acoustics for your vocals though, you will be ok with just a regular room set up as your vocals aren’t too punchy like instruments are.


The quality of sound with the Beyer B2 Pro is about what you would expect to get out of a microphone in this price range. Maybe it is a little better than other microphones that are in this price range, but it is no where near where I wanted it to be. I had to invest more money for a versatile microphone that could work great in live and recording settings with vocals and with several instruments. My search for the perfect all around affordable microphone didn’t stop with the Beyer B2 Pro. I have used this microphone off and on for about 2 years before getting rid of it. It did serve its purpose while using it though.
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Audiofanzine FR16/12/2010

La opinión de Audiofanzine FR (content in English)

Behringer B-2 Pro
Originally written by fabrice.fargues on Audiofanzine FR.

Condenser mic with different polar patterns (cardioid, omnidirectional, figure 8)
Low cut and 10dB pad
Sold with case, wind screen and suspension


I bought it twice: the manufacturing quality, the easy handling and the price appealed to me...
I use it to record choirs. The sound precision is ok. The definition is very good in high frequencies without being harsh. Very good for female vocals. The mids sound a bit too "hard." It captures the deepness of male voices but has a slight lack of warmth. A good preamp will compensate that a bit...
I was pleasantly surprised by the timbre reproduction of rich and complex sounding instruments like a clarinet or a flute, when close miking (otherwise the high frequencies are too emphasized). It can handle loud sources (trombone, trumpet) and is very versatile. Good product considering its very affordable price.
Of course, it's not a Neumann U87 (I'm a fan): it has neither the precision nor the warmth, but the value for money is very good.


- comprehensive set of accessories
- Selectable polar pattern
- All-round mic
- Value for money
- Clean sound

- Mids are a bit "hard"
- Overemphasized high frequencies
- Lack of warmth and roundness

It has never failed (no defects) after four years of use. With a good EQ and a good preamp, you'll get satisfying results but don't expect the same sound as an M149 because there is a huge difference between them... Very useful to learn and understand miking techniques (polar pattern, position, etc.) without going bankrupt... High-quality products will come later...
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La opinión de mooseherman (content in English)"Unnaturally good microphone for less than 200 dollars"

Behringer B-2 Pro
This is a studio condenser microphone. It is large diaphragm. This microphone probably wouldn't work well outside of a studio environment, but seeing as it's really cheap, it wouldn't be a horrible idea to experiment with it outside. I still woudn't use it in a live environment though, as it has few, if any, applications. The microphone has a -10 db pad as part of its features. It also has three different pickup patterns, normal, figure 8, and omnidirectional. It is almost like a cheaper version of a U87. It comes with a shock mount and clip, as well as a pop screen which is egg-shaped. The mic, as a condenser, requires phantom power to operate.


I was surprised to find that this mic is as good as it is, as the quality of Behringer products in general is often described harshly and negatively. This mic does work quite like a U87 does. I like to use it on acoustic guitars, vocals (especially spoken word, or rap). I've had it work decently on a piano too, but not a superb sound. When running them both through a high quality API mic pre, like I did at the studio I work for, the U87 beats it hands down, which is to be expected. However, at home on my Digi 002, and when recording a part that doesn't require a crystal clear signal, it's still worse, but not drastically so. Therefore, I'd have to say that I can really only recommend this microphone to home studio users. I haven't heard much about how durable it is, but I haven't had any issues with it breaking. I'm almost expecting it to, given Behringer's reputation, but so far it seems sturdy enough. I would certainly say that there are better mics out there, but none that are even remotely as cheap as this one.

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