Blue Microphones Bluebird
Blue Microphones Bluebird

Bluebird, Large diaphragm condenser microphone from Blue Microphones in the Essential series.

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glassjaw7 22/03/2011

Blue Microphones Bluebird : la opinión de glassjaw7 (content in English)

"High performance and versatility for the home studio"

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Blue's Bluebird microphone is a condenser with a cardioid pattern and a 20Hz to 20kHz frequency range.
This mic has a high SPL rating (138 db, if I'm not mistaken) which makes it versatile enough to handle vocals, close micing of drums, electric or acoustic guitars and just about anything else you could use if for.

The Bluebird is aimed at the home studio crowd, as it's one of the the less expensive mics in the Blue collection. It is designed by Blue, but built overseas. This is a very high quality and great sounding mic though. A wooden, foam padded case and metal mesh pop-filter are included with this microphone.

I tested the Bluebird first on vocals and acoustic guitar, using a presonus Firestudio and Garageband and the results were excellent. On vocals the Blue sounds rich and deep. In fact the low end that this thing picks up is very apparent when listening back to my tracks. My singer is a male with a deep voice and he has never sounded so rich and complex as he did using the Bluebird. The included metal pop filter didn't seem to benefit the sound much, but we have other ones so no big deal.
Acoustic guitars were very airy, full and rich as well. Depending on where I positioned the mic in relation to the higher frets or the sound hole, I was able to get the desired amount of low end and top end sparkle.

I then tried something not always done with a condenser. I cranked up my Mesa Dual Rec to a nice healthy volume and positioned the speaker about an inch from the cabinet grill, and lined it up with the edge of the dust cap where it meets the speaker cone. The results were awesome to say the least! Big and chunky chords and riffs played back just as they felt in the room while playing. There were no phasing issues or nasal qualities that can sometimes be heard when I mic up my cab with my shure sm57.

I honestly don't know why more guitarists and producers don't mic overdriven guitar amps with condensers. There was no finicky sweet spot to find like some dynamics, and the sound was so natural and warm and big.
My band will begin recording a full-length later this year. We have a few nice mics to choose from, but I think my secret weapon will be the Bluebird on my guitar cab! You just have to be careful when dialing in your low end so it doesn't flub up the guitar sound. But then again, that's what high and low pass filters are for:)


I can't recommend the Bluebird highly enough! From the working musician, to the home studio owner or semi-pro, this mic is a great addition to any collection and is versatile enough to be put to work on nearly any instrument.