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theaudioandvideoguy 24/06/2012

Eagletone CM40 : la opinión de theaudioandvideoguy (content in English)

"great value for price"

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The CM40 is a Condenser Mic that is made by a company called Eagletone, I have seen very few mics made by them and have only had the chance to use a few of them. But this (CM40) was very good for the time that I was using it, it looked very similar to one of my AKG mics and was cheaper and some of the specs where the same so that was the reason why I purchased it a while back.


The CM40 is a wide diaphram mic with a low frequency roll off switch that comes in handy. Keep in mind that it does require phantom power through your audio interface and the connection is 3 pin. When you order the mic it does come with a shock mount unless you buy it without one which tends to happen sometimes when you purchased used gear online. This mic is now only around 50 bucks used which is a steal. If you have a treated room, the mic will sound like a 500 - 600 dollar range mic easily. The Eagletone CM40 has provided me with clean crisp vocals for over a year. I purchased it brand new and it was only around 130 bucks or so and now they are very cheap and worth the buy.

You can use the CM40 for recording vocals, I wouldn’t suggest recording someone who has a very low pitch to their voice or low tone just because it wont sound great with the roll off. But an even better use for the mic is if you run a radio station at home or some sort of a pod cast. I think its perfect for that and the vocal quality is excellent. Purchase this mic and look into a good mic stand to go with it, or even a desktop mic stand if you are going to do some pod casting or at home radio show. You will be very surprised on how good it is for 50 bucks.