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theaudioandvideoguy 24/06/2012

Eagletone UM30 : la opinión de theaudioandvideoguy (content in English)

"decent usb mic"

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The Eagle Tone UM30 is a USB cardioid condensor mic. I have always been skeptical when it came to usb mics because most of them just arent that good and for some reason they have a slight lag between the daw and what you are recording. Even if you are using usb 2.0 there will still be a slight lag so you might have to shift the vocals back just a tiny bit to be on beat with the instrumental. Or at lease that’s the problem that I have with usb mics. But the UM30 does provide pretty good vocal quality for just being a usb mic. The mic is very portable as well, it comes with a pouch to carry it in a a decent length usb cord. I think its great because you don’t need an interface to record which means that’s one less piece of gear you have to take around with you. This mic is a portable mic to me, I wouldn’t record with this mic at home but if im away on a trip I can just take this and my laptop and I can do demos the whole trip while carrying no gear. The mic is pretty small and can fit right in my case with my laptop so there really isn’t any extra gear to carry around. I have even used this mic to record some you tube blog cast especialy when doing tutorials online.


For the price of the mic which is right around 80 bucks and its portability. it’s a must buy especially if you are in a tight space and don’t have room or money for audio interfaces or if you travel a lot this is perfect for you. Its no the best usb mic though, but its also not the worse. Its worth a try.