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mooseherman 10/02/2010

Kel Audio Design HM-2d : la opinión de mooseherman (content in English)


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This is a large diaphragm condenser microphone. Thus, it's definitely something for use in the studio and not live.


This microphone is notable mainly for its differences to other condenser mics. Some of the cheaper ones tend to pick up a lot of ambient noise, mostly the air around the microphone. This microphone rolls off a bit of the unnecessary high-range frequencies and kicks up the midrange, making it great for vocals that have unpleasant high frequencies when recorded with other condensers. At first I did have a bit of a problem with its lack of focus on transient detail, but I later realized that it capture plenty of this, just not at the frequencies where it's usually more obvious. Thus it's not a perfect mic, however It's a good choice to use in combination with other condensers on acoustic instruments. The first thing I noticed about this mic was that it allowed me to naturally have more space in the mix. Combining condensers can make it difficult to really add depth to the sound. This one didn't give me such a problem. It's honestly not the most accurate mic out there, and in reality, probably isn't the first condenser you should buy. But when you are having issues with too much high-end on your mix, this microphone can really come in handy, as it will give you a completely different texture than another condenser probably will. T I have tried a few other condensers in my time, and I haven't really encountered any like this except for some that were pretty high end large diaphragms. Even then, those had less high-frequency rolloff than this one did, and didn't color the tone in exactly the same way. he best thing about this microphone is that it's LESS THAN $200! That's right, a really cheap condenser that doesn't sound bad at all. Again, you're probably better off with this and something more typical, but you can't really beat the price.