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goodbyebluesky 27/03/2008

MXL 990 : la opinión de goodbyebluesky (content in English)


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The MXL 990 is sort of a Medium diaphram condensor mic, and one of the only condensor mics that even exist in this price range (50 bucks or less) therefore anything it can do should impress you, and unless you spent 50 bucks expecting this to be your "go to" microphone then you won't be disapointed either. It can be quite useful in different applications, and is cheap enough for the home recording enthusiast to own a couple for stereo applications/experimenting/learning, which is something thats hard to do when you can only afford ONE of something.
Its fairly small and light, and comes with a shock mount thats a pain in the rear to use, but the microphone itself seems fairly sturdy (not as sure about the insides as I have read reviews where people have unknowingly destroyed them so maybe they are fairly fragile indeed). It also comes with a foam lined case, not bad at all for only 50 bucks.


If you have access to more expensive mics then you probably won't like the 990. Its fairly bright, very "live" sounding, and the high end came become brittle and harsh. Its fairly unforgiving of room acoustics, high frequency reflection especially. The smaller diaphram makes it less forgiving of proximity; i.e. like you can't move around too much when singing or playing in instrument in front of it.

I did not care at all for how it sounded on my acoustic guitar. It was harsh when I wanted warm, bright when I wanted full, crisp when I wanted "round". I never bothered to sing into it. I have used it for mic'ing up an electric guitar amp fron a couple feet away, and it suited this well in my opinion. The guitar I tracked came out very "live" sounding, fairly bright with definition and attack. This mic might be nice to have around for a slightly more bright sound that you want to cut through a mix. Basically, I say you should have a quality LDC first but if you can buy 2 of these, fool around with them in stereo, if you hate 'em sell them to someone online or keep them for rare moments you want a different sound.