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moosers 07/02/2010

sE Electronics sE1000 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The SE Electronics SE1000 is a large diaphragm condenser microphone designed for home studio owners. I've only used the microphone inside of the recording studio, so this review will be on this type of application. I would imagine that most will be using it for this application anyway as this isn't suited for any other type of use. The mic has a standard cardioid polar pick up pattern and will pick up frequencies between 20 Hz and 20 KHz. The mic doesn't have a pad or anything like that...


I only used the SE Electronics SE1000 one time about a year or so ago. I used it to record lead vocals on a demo for another artist, not myself, as was engineering rather than performing. This is a mic on the lower end of the spectrum, but has a nice sound for something of this price. It's diaphragm is nice and large, holding the capsule steadily and sturdily. This mic can be found under a few different brands, as it is indeed one of the Chinese made microphones that has floated around under different titles. It is also one of the better microphones of this type that I have heard, and is made well for a mic of this kind as well. This isn't to say that this is the best sounding or manufactured mic by a long shot, but when considering the price, you'll take what you get here for sure. I wouldn't recommend this mic to anyone other than a home studio owner, as it isn't up to par for professionals. SE Electronics certainly has some better microphones on the market, but many of them are not in this price range. For true budget mic seekers, I'd encourage you to check out the SE Electronics SE1000 for sure as I think you'll agree with me when I say it is a good bang for your buck type of deal...