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moosers 26/02/2009

Studio Projects C1 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Studio Projects C1 is a condenser microphone made for use in the recording studio. It has a cardioid polar pattern and it also has an XLR microphone cable output. Like a lot of cheap microphones these days, the C1 comes from China and is the same microphone that a few companies are putting out under different names. This is what makes this microphone so cheap and so affordable for home studio owners.


I've been using the Studio Projects C1 Studio Condenser microphone for about a year. While it isn't the best sounding microphone in the world by far, it sounds good and is usable. The tone quality is full, but sometimes lacks the full range of frequencies in certain situations. This being said, it works fine in most situations and is perfect for the small home studio owner. In fact, I'd only recommend it to the home or project studio owner as there are much better professional microphone choices out there for professional studios. The best part about the C1 is its extremely cheap price. You can get one of the C1s for about $200 USD new, which would have been unheard of about ten years ago. These microphones are made and shipped from China, which makes them so cheap. The C1 is good for a number of different applications, but won't blow you away while doing any of them. I like using the Studio Projects C1 for recording vocals, horns, and anything else a large diaphragm condenser would be useful for. While I'd rather use any Neumann microphone over this for recording anything, if you are on a budget and can't afford a high end microphone, the Studios Projects C1 is a great substitution. I definitely recommend this microphone for home studio owners looking for a cheap condenser microphone to add to their collection.