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theaudioandvideoguy 27/04/2012

Apex Electronics 460 : la opinión de theaudioandvideoguy (content in English)

"all purpose"

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The Apex 460 Microphone can be purchased for right around 200 dollars and its well worth the money spent. The 460 by Apex has 9 different polar patterns that can be selected with a switch that is on the front of the power supply. The mic was created for the musicians recording from home. The Apex 460 is a really high performance microphone and very afford large diaphragm condenser mic.


The Apex 460 is also designed to take a beating. Though I havent had any issues with mine when I had it, in my opinion no mic should be abused so I wouldn’t take it too hard on this mic and still expect it to give you a great sound. But this mic sounds great with a guitar amp. It just does something to the sound coming out of the amp that I love. It really surprised me because it was hard to find a mic that provided good quality that could record drums and guitars for an affordable price. I would record some basic guitar stuff at home with this just to get a feel for the type of song that I was trying to write. Take it to the main studio where some friends would add too it. I have too this mic to the studio several times just for guitar though and used it over mics that have cost 3 times more than it does just because I love the sound it gives to the guitar coming out of the amp.

You can even use this mic for vocals as well, as long as the talent is standing at a good distance from the mic and remains at that distance you will be surprise about what it can do for vocals. It really is an all purpose mic and for 200 dollars what do you have to lose?