Lawson Microphones L47MP Mk2
Lawson Microphones L47MP Mk2

L47MP Mk2, Large diaphragm condenser tube microphone from Lawson Microphones.

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moosers 27/08/2009

Lawson Microphones L47MP Mk2 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Lawson Microphones L47MP MK2 is a tube condenser microphone that is modeled after the classic Neumann U47.  It has the same capsule as the U47 and has a similar look while it does sound pretty close the original as well.  I've only used the Lawson Microphones L47MP MK2 for recording and I wouldn't recommend using it for anything else.  It comes with a power supply and special cable as it is a tube mic.


I only recently got the chance to use the Lawson Microphones L47MP MK2 and I was definitely impressed all around.  Like everyone else I'm a huge fan of the Neumann U47 as I think it is one of the best mics ever made and this does a pretty good job of living up to that kind of hype.  I only had the chance to record vocals and organ with this microphone, but for these applications the mic worked flawlessly as it picks up every detail of the sound.  Although I've only used the Lawson Microphones L47MP MK2 for these applications, since it is pretty close to be exactly the same as a regular U47 I can say that it will probably work quite well in just about any situation that you would want a really detailed sound and I can assume that it would sound great on most acoustic instruments.  It has a really warm sound at the same time that makes it a special microphone all around.  I don't have too many complaints about the Lawson Microphones L47MP MK2 as I really think they did a great job of reproducing the classic U47.  If you are looking for a 47 I would definitely take a look in to the L47 as its a great mic that will save you some money when compared to the U47.