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AV Inspire 24/08/2012

Mojave Audio MA-200 : la opinión de AV Inspire (content in English)


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I had this LDC Tube Microphone in demo to AB test on 3 singers. On 2 of them he came out as a winner, for the 3th one it was ok but needed some more high end. There were 18 microphones in the test, all from very well know Manufacturers. I will add one very soon to my gear list.


We were looking for a good vocal sound on a soprano , alt and Tenor.
The microphone had to capture the voices so they sound open and well balanced. They sing Gospel with acoustic instruments only. I had 18 microphones between 800 euro and 4000 euro on test and this one came out to be in the top 5 for all 3 singers. For Tenor and Alto even the big winner, he captures well the warmth in the voice without closing the sound.

I also heard a demo on Drum kit and that sounded great too, rather colored sound but nice if you're looking for a big drum sound.