Neumann M 150 Tube
Neumann M 150 Tube
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moosers 17/10/2009

Neumann M 150 Tube : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Neumann M 150 is a tube condenser microphone that is designed for use in the recording studio.  As this is an extremely expensive microphone, I wouldn't recommend using it for anything other than applications inside of the studio.  As it is a tube condenser mic, it comes with a power supply for it and also comes with the shock mount that is shown.


Overall, the Neumann M 150 Tube is a very impressive microphone.  It just sounds awesome for just about any application that you use it for, but is especially great for recording vocals.  The mic has a rich a full tone that covers all of the details of a sound while maintaining a fat tone.  When compared with some of the other tube mics that Neumann has to offer like the M 149 it definitely holds its own as it is one of the best Neumann and the market in general has to offer.  While the mic excels best for recording all sorts of vocals, it will also work on just about anything that you would want a combination of great detail and warmth and is great for acoustic piano and guitar as well as other acoustic instruments.  The extreme detail that this microphone will provide makes it a versatile mic that can be used in all sorts of situations and is a great all purpose microphone.  Beyond the great sound that this mic has, the price makes it unattainable for most people as it is a extremely expensive.  For this reaosn I can really only recommend it for professionals or for those who have a lot of money to put into a new tube mic!  If you ever get the chance to use the Neumann M 150 Tube it is a great experience and it will get you some great recordings when used properly.