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moosers 13/03/2009

Sony c-37 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Sony C-37 is a tube condenser microphone best suited for use in the recording studio. I have only used this mic in recording studio and wouldn't recommend using it in any sort of live situation, as these are old mics and are fragile. The C-37 comes in its own swivel mount holder that makes it sturdy and easy to place. It has its own power supply that has bass roll off on it.


I've been using the classic Sony C-37 tube condenser mic for about four or five years and it is truly a great microphone. The sound comes in crystal clear with a warmth that not many microphones have. Due to the tubes and older parts it has, it has a unique tone and cannot be replicated by something other than the real thing. I have used the Sony C-37 for all types of applications and have found it highly effective on vocals, guitars, stand up bass, horns, and woodwind instruments. It has a fullness to its sound that makes it great on such a variety of different instruments. Due to its extraordinary sound and how long it has been around, the C-37 has become pretty rare and is prone to injury because of how fragile it is. If you can find one used it will cost you a pretty penny, but is probably a good price if you are considering buying this as your go to all around, all purpose microphone. This being said, it is probably out of the price range for the home studio owner, and is generally suited for professionals. This is a highly sought after mic with a great reputation and the sound quality to back it up. Sony has been making high quality products forever, and the C-37 is one of their best microphones.