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mooseherman 21/09/2010

Wunder Audio CM7 GT : la opinión de mooseherman (content in English)

"Versatile, fragile tube mic"

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I did not purchase this mic myself, but have been using it at the studio I work at. It is a tube condenser microphone, which are arguably my favorite microphones for soft instruments and voice. This one is particularly special because it uses glass tubes, unlike some of the other Wunder Audio mics. That makes it extremely fragile, which can be problematic. It uses a power supply that is custom made, though it is based off of the Neumann power supplies. The cool thing about this mic is that it has 9 different pickup patterns to choose from. This can give you a wide variety of sounds and uses. The patterns are selected from the power supply unit, not the mic itself, which is also unique.


I like this microphone quite a bit. It's probably just as good, or at least almost as good, as a Neumann U 67, and it's interesting because it has a greater variety of pickup patterns in it. While I tend to use only a few of these patterns personally (not having the need for too many crazy pickup patterns), I do really enjoy the versatility of this mic. Not only that, but it sounds absolutely great on vocals. I don't know if I like it as a room mic the way I've used other tube condensers (I'm referring to drum kits, other loud instruments) as much as I enjoyed it on acoustic guitars and vocals. The cool thing is that it works well with different ranges, too. I liked the sound it gave me with deeper voiced female singers, baritone male singers, and male tenors equally well. I haven't recorded any sopranos with it so I don't know how they hold up. The microphone seems to have great response in all of the frequency spectrums, so it gives you a full, dynamic sound that is impressive. I highly recommend this microphone. It's cheaper than Neumann and arguably just as good.