D16 Group Decimort
D16 Group Decimort

Decimort, Lo-Fi from D16 Group.

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songboy 02/01/2010

D16 Group Decimort : la opinión de songboy (content in English)


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I use an Intel Macbook and there has been no compatibility issues.  As for a manual, I have never needed one because the Decimort is a very simple device.  There are quite a few knobs to twist on this guy, but it all makes sense.  And even if it doesn't, twist them and listen to the effect it makes, and you'll get it.  Because of all that, the general configuration and setup is a breeze.  The typical functions are easily accessible as they are all right on the front face.


I have used this plugin in Logic 8/Mainstage 1, Logic 9/Mainstage 2 and Ableton 7/8 and this unit works correctly in all of them. 
The only stability problems I seem to be having of late is Ableton 8, it occasionally crashes (once a week it seems), but I don't believe this plugin has anything to do with it (AB 8 crashes whether its there or not).  Other than that, I don't experience any stability issues. 
The performance on this plugin is amazing.  I used the bitcrusher on Logic often before I got this little guy.  Once I opened this up, I have never used the Logic 9 option ever again.  I give this a 10 out of 10.  The idea of this thing is to degrade the quality of the sound as well as distort it, which it does, but it makes the degradation sound amazing, as if I were doing it with an analog device.  I have been using this plugin for about two months.


What I like most about this device is its excellent sound quality.  I know that sounds weird because this device is supposed to make it sound bad artistically of course.  But, anyone who wants raunchy dirty sounds knows there is a difference between crappy and "bad."  This makes things sound "BAD."  Take a vocal track and run it through this and you will think you entered an underground punk show in some dirty bar in Europe.  Also, the presets are really nice to get you started, especially the drum presets.  There isn't anything that I don't like about this plugin, it does what it says it does and it does it well.  I think my studio partner paid a little over $60, which is a great deal. 
I have tried others including Logic 9's built in unit, but this one kicks their asses. 
Yes, I don't ever want to be without the decimort, I use it too much.