iZotope Vinyl [Freeware]
iZotope Vinyl [Freeware]

Vinyl [Freeware], Lo-Fi from iZotope.

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webstersays 23/08/2008

iZotope Vinyl [Freeware] : la opinión de webstersays (content in English)


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This software installed with no problems. It's just a small installer that you download, then you get a password emailed to you. You can get up and running with this plug-in in no time. I didn't have any compatibility issues. After it's installed your program will find it in the VST folder and you'll be ready to go. Izotope provides a good manual in PDF for how to make the best use of this cool little plug-in. It's definitely worth a read, it will help you to use it better.


My computer is a Dell and I have an Intel processor with 2GB of ram, and I am running Windows XP with Cubase software. The plug-in works perfectly with my set-up, as it should with most others because it is available in other formats. This software doesn't really use much CPU power, so you could run a whole bunch of them at once if you wanted to with a minimal hit on CPU performance. It hasn't ever caused any stability trouble for me, so it looks like this is a very stable plug-in.


I have been using this for 2 years or so. Izotope offers it as a free download if you go to their website and register, so for value, you obviously can't beat free. It is a very specific application in that it makes whatever source you put through it sound like it's being played off a record. I love how they let you modify that intensely - such as the amount of scratches on the record, if it is dusty or not, different types of records from different decades, etc. You can really put a professional touch on a production if you use this right on an appropriate song. It's cool to make it go from lo-fi with this on it to hi-fi when you remove the effect. I have no complaints about this plug-in because it does exactly what it says, and it does it well, and it's free! The value is obviously great. I would of course get it again, I use it pretty frequently. I'd even pay for it.