Zvex LoFi Loop Junky
Zvex LoFi Loop Junky

LoFi Loop Junky, Looper from Zvex.

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Hatsubai 08/06/2011

Zvex LoFi Loop Junky : la opinión de Hatsubai (content in English)

"Analog style looper"

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Zvez is a boutique pedal builder who builds some great pedals with funky paint jobs. The LoFi Loop Junky is an analog looper or recorder pedal. I like to refer to these types of pedals as phrase samplers since some people confuse them with true bypass loopers. The pedal allows up to 20 seconds of recording, the ability to stop/start, the ability to adjust the volume, the tone, depth and even the speed.


It's kinda hard to judge this pedal in terms of utilization. In one sense, it's not nearly as versatile as a Boomerang or other phrase sampler out there, but it's not exactly meant to be. This is meant to be a lo-fi analog audio looper filled with all that nitty gritty-ness that occurs with the lower fidelity stuff. There are no frills to this pedal like some other loopers have -- it's a standard looper that any idiot could use without reading a manual. In a sense, Zvex created exactly what he set out to create.


The sound is what separates this pedal from most other pedals out there. For one, it sounds like an analog sound instead of a digital sound. There's some natural compression that occurs when you record with this, and it's much more musical than other loopers out there. The extra tone and speed features really help make this a unique pedal, too. You can record a riff, speed it up like crazy and create all kinds of weird sound effects. Zvex effects are probably the best "noise" making devices on the market.


If you're looking for a crystal clean looper with tons of play time, lots of features and layering capabilities, look elsewhere. This pedal is meant to do one thing -- create a musically rich loop that's played back with some natural compression. He also threw in a few tone shaping knobs to help get that unique sound you're looking for. How usable this pedal is depends entirely on what you're looking for, but considering how unique this pedal is, I think there could be a spot for it on anybody's pedal board.