Yamaha EMX212S
Yamaha EMX212S

EMX212S, Mesa de Mezcla Amplificada from Yamaha in the EMX series.

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sw80 04/03/2013

Yamaha EMX212S : la opinión de sw80 (content in English)

"Made for the road"

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Yamaha EMX 212S is a 12 channel powered mixer that is made for the road. The construction of this mixer is heavy duty and will last a long time. There are 16 digital SPX effects on it, echo, chorus, flanger, distortion, reverb, and a few other ones are on it. All of these effects can be added very quickly at the touch of a button. There are EQ’s on the main and monitor channels so you can get the exact sound you want or get out that feedback quickly.
There are 12 input channels and 4 for microphone with phantom power. This whole mixer only weighs 22 pounds and is made for use every day. It have used this mixer as well as seen this mixer used for hour upon hours and it has never over heated or shorted out. I have seen it dropped and just about thrown and it has never stopped working. I am pretty sure as long as it doesn’t get wet it will work forever. If it doesn’t Yamaha stands by their products and I am sure they will not have a problem working with you to solve the problem especially with most of their products coming with a warranty automatically.
The only thing that I didn’t like about this mixer is the amps and the humming that I would hear. I would not hear this all of the time just sometimes mainly after the mixer and speakers would be on for a long period of time. This could have been the speakers, cords, or any number of issues but it just seemed like the amps in this mixer would start to make the unit “hum” after a while. This didn’t happen often just sometimes and it really was not that big of an issue unless everything was completely silent. Overall, this is a perfect mixer for the road and it is affordable for any budget.