Behringer Xenyx 1202FX
Behringer Xenyx 1202FX

Xenyx 1202FX, Mesa de Mezcla Analógica from Behringer in the Xenyx series.

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JeffTadashi 21/06/2012

Behringer Xenyx 1202FX : la opinión de JeffTadashi (content in English)

"Behringer is on point again"

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The Behringer Xenyx 1202FX is a portable 12-channel mixer that is perfect for small mixing situations. It has a variety of uses and purposes, and even if you were to use it just as a headphone amp, it's portable enough to work. It features 4 main channels with XLR inputs, line in (balanced or unbalanced), complete with 3-band EQ, low cut switch, fx mix control, pan control, and level and trim controls. The last 8 channels are stereo line-in channels, with less controls (no EQ on these), and are suitable for signals from keyboards, cd players, and such. The Xenyx has a master fader (the only fader on the device), an fx section with 99 different fx selections, and various routing controls. There are three main outputs: tape out, control room out, and the main out. You can control if the tape input sends to the control output or main output or both, for example, and the flexibility given here is nice.


Unlike a standard mixer, there are no faders on the individual channels, but instead a level knob is given. The four main channels have clipping LED's, which in my opinion, is essential. The input gain is set by the trim knob, but the knob itself is small and dark, and at times, it's very hard to see it's position.

One of my biggest problems with this unit is a simple, annoying issue: the power adapter. The adapter is non-standard, and it has 3 metal pins and a plastic pin as part of the connector. Reminds me of a midi cable. The problem is, it must be inserted at a certain alignment, and it is very easy to accidentally jam and damage the pins. Why Behringer must use this usual connector, I have no idea. There is also no power switch, so you have to plug and unplug this cable all the time, in order to turn the device on and off. It's just asking for trouble.


The mixing abilities and sounds on this unit are great. The FX I never really know what to use it for, but it is nice to see a variety of FX options here, from reverbs, to delays, to pitch effects, to modulations.


If you need a small, portable mixer, this is a great, cheap option. Behringer makes affordable equipment, and I have yet to find a piece of Behringer hardware that has disappointed me. Be sure to check this out!