Behringer Xenyx XL1600
Behringer Xenyx XL1600

Xenyx XL1600, Mesa de Mezcla Analógica from Behringer in the Xenyx series.

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johnrae 21/06/2012

Behringer Xenyx XL1600 : la opinión de johnrae (content in English)


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The Behringer Xenyx XL1600 is a 16-Input 4-Bus Live Mixer. It has built in preamps and features a "British EQ" (whatever that means). It has 8 mono channels and 4 stereo channels and 8 line level inputs. The board is well laid out and the parts feel good. Everything is smooth and functional. The EQ sounds ok, not awful but nothing special. It's not too big but there's plenty of space for your fingers in between the knobs and sliders and such. Seemingly, this is a pretty good mixer, though a little spendy.


The XL1600 is easy to set up and run, it's just like any other mixer. It's simple to operate and sounds just fine. The manual is nothing special.


At first, this wasn't a bad unit. Everything sounded good and was relatively quiet. The EQ is nothing special, but it's not bad by any means. But after owning this for about a month, channels started going out. I took it to a local repair shop who wouldn't have anything to do with it. I found a Behringer dealer and took it in. They said I needed a new board. Feeling free with my money that day, I bought one. Same thing happened. These are not well built. Would never take one to a gig. I see now why Behringer has such a bad rep. I looked around online and saw that lots of other people are having this problem too. I will never buy another Behringer product again.


Overall, this thing is junk. Nothing more than a fancy paperweight. There are better 16 track mixers out there for cheaper. There is really no reason to buy one of these as they are just plain junk. I would not recommend this mixer to anyone, as you will simply be cheated out of your money. Buy a better board