Behringer Xenyx XL3200
Behringer Xenyx XL3200

Xenyx XL3200, Mesa de Mezcla Analógica from Behringer in the Xenyx series.

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content in English 11/05/2009

Behringer Xenyx XL3200 : la opinión de (content in English)


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This is a very well thought out 32 channel live sound mixer. It has all the features you can ask for in a 32 channel mixer. Does pretty much everything a A&H GL2400-32 does for less than 1/3 the price. Can do up to 6 pre fader monitor mixes.


Very nice metering. Individual phantom switches for each channel.

Nice looking board.


Sounds great!!! The mic pres seem a bit smoother than other Behringer mixers I own (I have owned over 10)


I received one of the first in the USA on 5-4-09 and put it into use right away for a large "Joseph" musical at my church. The board worked flawlessly and sounded great!!

Behringer did their homework on this one. They better be prepared to make a lot of these.

UPDATE - After about 1 year of use the board developed multiple bad channels. I eventually gave it to a guy at Guitar Center. We now use a A&H GL2400-32 in it's place with virtually no problems.