Sonosax SX-T
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ericthegreat 13/01/2012

Sonosax SX-T : la opinión de ericthegreat (content in English)

"this unit can do your whole project"

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The SonoSax SX-has 10 A (main) channels with faders and 10 B (return) channels with knobs. The A channels have parametric EQ with a variable Q, whereas the B channels have high and low band EQ, which can instead be switched to the main channels upon mixdown. EQ can be disengaged on any channel (A or B) for recording or for comparison at any time. Channels A and B can be combined to mix up to 10channels simultaneously. There are direct outs for each of the main channels which can also be switch to 8 group outs. There are 6 auxiliary channels.


The console mostly runs at +4 through 1/4” connections, but if the user opens the board and moves some jumpers it can be set to record at -10. Connections that can't be changed all have a trim to adapt to the level needs of your studio. All 32 microphone inputs are XLR and have individual phantom power on each channel. Nearly all of the connections are on top of the console towards the rear, rather than behind the mixer, making for easy access and patchwork.


It's very easy to get a great sound quickly out of this console. Although such a large desk can appear daunting at first, once the user learns how to operate one channel, he or she understands virtually the entire board. This is made even easier through the use of the well written operations manual.


This is a great console and I was ecstatic that I was able to pick it up for such a great price. The board has held up well; only recently have the little gremlins that do some strange things with the LED's and dirty up the pots have started showing up. However, as with any board, that's one aspect that the user has to come to expect.