Seiko SQ44 Metronome
Seiko SQ44 Metronome

SQ44 Metronome, Metrónomo from Seiko.

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moosers 16/03/2010

Seiko SQ44 Metronome : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Seiko SQ44 Metronome is a small electronic metronome, designed for uses of all types. It is powered up by a nine volt battery and has a stand on the back of it so you can set it down easily. It has a mini 1/8" jack for using it with headphones if you so choose. In addition it can play a tone at A 440 Hz for tuning purposes. It has two different modes to choose from, including beat, which makes click noises for your tempo, and a light mode which is just the flashing lights. It has a built in speaker that is pretty loud as I have never had a problem hearing it over what I'm playing, but if you were playing drums with it you would probably need headphones. The tempos on the SQ44 range from 40 bpm to 200 bpm, and they go in increments ranging from two to eight, but most of the tempos are in increments of three and four. While I'm definitely used to having every possible beats per minute available to me with the world of Pro Tools, so I generally only use this for practicing to a click rather than to actually find the right beats per minute of a piece. I might use it to get an approximation, but I like to get exact most of the time. This is the only hardware metronome that I keep around, and it isn't something that I use all of the time since I usually have Pro Tools available to me just as quick. I don't really know how much this will cost, as I got one of these second hand from a friend, but I'm sure that if you could find one that you'd be able to get one without much money. While they definitely have newer digital metronomes that are more versatile and can be set to every possible bpm, for what this is, the Seiko SQ44 will get the job done, but I would still recommend getting a newer metronome if you can...