Beyerdynamic M 260
Beyerdynamic M 260

M 260, Micrófono de Cinta from Beyerdynamic in the M series.

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moosers 19/03/2009

Beyerdynamic M 260 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Beyer Dynamic M260 is a ribbon microphone designed for use in the recording studio. As with all ribbon mic, I wouldn't use this outside of the studio, but as far as ribbon microphones go, the M260 is as sturdy as any. It has a hyper cardioid polar pattern.


I've been using the Beyer Dynamic M260 ribbon mic for about a year. I like the M260 beacuse it is a great sounding ribbon mic that isn't as fragile or expensive and some of the other ribbon mics out there. The sound quality of the M260 is full and warm and is great for a number of different things. The main applications I use the M260 for is percussion and electric and acoustic guitars. I have also used it on drums, but I would only recommend it for lighter drums or snare drum, as it can only take so much punch. This is a great choice for an all around ribbon microphone and will work in a number of different applications. The price is really a bargain, and even though it isn't as great as a Royer or RCA, it will cost a fraction of the price. The price makes it a great option for professionals and amateurs alike. I love having the M260 around because I find it presents itself quite handy to me a lot of the time. The low price tag means that I don't worry about it as much as I would some of the more expensive ribbon mics out there, and it is also a lot sturdier than a lot of ribbon mics out there. The sturdy casing also makes me worry less about this ribbon mic. Overall, the Beyer Dyanmic M260 is one of my favorite ribbon mics out there because it has a great sound and is set at a truly great price.