Karma Mics k-6

k-6, Micrófono de Cinta from Karma Mics.

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moosers 21/02/2010

Karma Mics k-6 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Karma Mics K-6 is a unique ribbon microphone, requiring phantom power. If you know anything about ribbon mics, you already know that most ribbon microphones don't need phantom power, and in fact sending phantom power to your ribbon mic will most likely break the ribbon! Unlike most other ribbon mics, the K-6 has a very big build, and is wide and sturdy. The mic has a figure eight polar pick up pattern, which is pretty standard for a ribbon mic. It will pick up frequencies between 40 Hz and 15 KHz...


So far I've only had the chance to use the Karma Mics K-6 a handful of times in a friend's home studio, but judging from my short time using the mic, it is definitely one of the best bang for your buck deals for a ribbon mic that I've seen out there. While it is as cheap as a lot of the Chinese made ribbon microphones out there, it is certainly superior to most of them, as it is more in the vein of higher end microphones than it is the cheaper ones. The K-6 is in general a great all around microphone, as I found it to be great for both vocals and to get some air on an electric guitar. The only other application that I used the mic for was acoustic guitar, which I didn't like it for as much as the other applications, but it definitely still sounded good. Karma is a company that hasn't been around all that long, but with mics priced this low and a superior sound quality to their competition, I have a feeling they'll be around for a good amount of time. As far as ribbon microphones go in this price range, these days you certainly have a lot to choose from, so I'd encourage those interested to do some serious research to see what might work best for your needs and your wallet. All in all, the Karma K-6 is a very impressive microphone for the price.