AKG D 224E
AKG D 224E
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moosers 16/01/2011

AKG D 224E : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The AKG D 224E is a dynamic microphone for use in the recording studio. I only recently had the chance to use this microphone. At first I thought it was a condenser since it has that look, but it is indeed a dynamic microphone. It usually comes with it's own case and clip, and the mic has a cardioid polar pick up pattern. It will gather frequencies in the range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz...


While pretty rare, those who have used the AKG D 224E I think will agree that it's pretty sweet microphone. The mic has the size of a bulky pencil microphone and is good for a variety of recording applications. I used it recently for recording hi hat, but have been told it's more versatile and is good for recording all sorts of acoustic instruments. The result with this on the hi hat was really quite nice and a change of pace from user a condenser. The AKG D 224E is great for this application because while it does a great job of picking up the brilliant quality of the cymbals, while it's not overpowering or too bright as you'll get with most pencil microphones on a hi hat. Of course it's all about what you're after, but for the session we were doing drums for, this less abrasive hi hat sound really did a nice job. I'm not so sure what kind of price the AKG D 224E is going to command, but it's a unique and cool dynamic mic that is probably best suited for professional studios who want a few extra versatile mics around. It's not as necessary in a home studio, but still will be helpful no matter what the setting. I personally wouldn't add this to my home studio, but it's definitely a nice microphone to have around the studio for options.