AKG D 310
AKG D 310
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AlanForPresident 16/07/2012

AKG D 310 : la opinión de AlanForPresident (content in English)

"get the D 310 S with the switch"

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The AKG D 310 is a cardioid dynamic microphone. The range of frequencies with the 310 are similar to its earlier model (range 60 to 18,000 hz). One thing about this mic that I didn’t like is that there are no response switches for the frequencies. If you want the frequency response switches you will need to not purchase this mic, they have created the AKG D 310 S and that version of this mic has the switch, actually the switch is the only difference between the two mics. I don’t know why they would create to mics that are so similar to each other. They should have just put the switch on the D 310 then they wouldn’t have had to create the 310 S. But that’s how some companies are to try to make more money, So I don’t recommend getting this particular mic. Just get the “upgraded” version D 310 S and you will have the switch on board and it is also lockable in the on position. Don’t waste your money on this one, not that it’s a bad mic because its really good, but if you need that switch like I do then just get the D 310 S. The price really isn’t that much different either and they look identical and all the specs are pretty much the same except for the switch.


The AKG D 310 is very well built and I have dropped it probably close to 10 times now and it has only scratched the outer shell of it and nothing more. It hasn’t effected the perfomance not one bit. This mic is built strong and built to last. But if you are looking at getting the AKG D 310, just skip over it and get the AKG D 310 S. It will be worth it.