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moosers 08/05/2009

AKG d25 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The AKG D25 is an interesting dynamic microphone that is designed for use in the recording studio. Since I have only used this mic in the studio I can't speak to how well it would work in the live setting, but I really wouldn't recommend bringing it out of the studio because it is a vintage mic and isn't cheap. It comes with a swivel mount that is unlike most shock mounts, and also has a standard XLR connection on it.


I've been using the AKG D25 for about four years and it is one of my favorite microphones to record kick drum with when I have access to it. It not only has a great sound to it, but can really take a lot of loud noise, which is what makes it so great for kick drum. In addition to recording kick drum, I've also used the AKG D25 with success on electric guitar, bass guitar cabinets, and floor toms. This being said it is a great all around dynamic microphone and is a fine candidate for recording just about anything that calls for a dynamic mic. If you can find one used, the AKG D25 isn't too cheap of a mic because they have become somewhat rare and highly sought after. I have only really seen these used in professional studios, and that is really where they should stay, as they aren't really suitable for home studio owners because of the high price and delicate nature because of its age. However, if you can find one at a decent price these mics make a great addition to any mic collection and are truly great sounding dynamic mics. All in all, the AKG D25 is one of the best mics out there for recording kick drum and even though these will die out as the years go out, it is the predecessor to the AKG D 112 and will always hold its place in recording history.