CAD C195
CAD C195
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sw80 16/12/2012

CAD C195 : la opinión de sw80 (content in English)

"Gives a very natural sound"

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The CAD C195 is a Cardioid Electret Condenser mic that has a very low noise, this microphone has a very flat frequency response. There are not many microphones that you can purchase at this price that will give you a natural sound. The reason why I love this microphone is because it will record you exactly the way that you sound. You will not even have to do too much mixing to your vocals to get them to cut through the mix with this microphone.


It has a sleek design but still rugged, I have used this microphone as an in hand mic and on a mount/stand before and either way you will get the same results. You will not have to worry about feedback with the C195 either due to its pickup pattern (cardioid).
It will not pick up anything lower than 50Hz and nothing about 18 kHz, which makes it a very natural microphone because our voices are not too far stretched from those frequencies. You will need to have a pop filter with this microphone though, which will be another 20 plus dollars that you will have to spend because using it without one is risky unless you can keep a good distance from the microphone when recording and still sing loud enough. But if you use a pop filter and have a good stand to put the mic on then you will get studio quality recordings easily.
This microphone does require phantom power and it is made of steel. You will not have to worry about damaging this microphone because of how durable it is. My favorite thing about it is simply the recording quality and how natural it is. Once you listen to the play back you will hear nothing but your natural voice, just add a little reverb to create some space and you can put it right in your mix.