Sennheiser MD 431
Sennheiser MD 431

MD 431, Micrófono Dinámico from Sennheiser.

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AlanForPresident 14/07/2012

Sennheiser MD 431 : la opinión de AlanForPresident (content in English)

"live mic"

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This mic is by far one of the best or if not the best mic that Sennheiser has ever made. I have used several of their mics over the years and have yet to find one like this. I started using this mic back in about 2009 and still use it a lot today. I don’t see myself ever getting rid of this mic unless something happens to it and it gets damaged or something like that. I have even dropped it several times and it has also fell of off a stage at a local event a while back and that didn’t even stop it. So I don’t think this mic will ever not work or cause any problems. It is a very reliable mic that any live artist would need.


I have only used this mic on vocals, but I have heard it used on a few instruments . Actually hearing it on a few instruments got me curious on what mic that it was that the local band was using back in 2008. Once I figured out which mic it was after asking them, I went out and purchased the mic and the guy at the store said that it would sound great for vocals as well. So I gave it a shot and the rest is history. I have been using it every since.

Overall, there are a lot of mics that are great for live use. This one is one of those great mics, I have used other mics that are better from some other companies. But if you are looking for a great live mic for your vocals this wont disappoint you. Plus it is very affordable for almost any musician on a smaller budget. I high recommend using this mic especially if you are looking for a Seneheiser, get this one over the other model (cant remember what it is). The MD 431 by Sennheiser is a great mic.