Shure SM57
Shure SM57

SM57, Micrófono Dinámico from Shure belonging to the SM57 model.

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songboy 24/01/2010

Shure SM57 : la opinión de songboy (content in English)


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The shure sm 57 doubles as an excellent choice for live as well as recording situations for a variety of uses such as miking drums, guitar amplifies, percussion, vocals, and even bass instruments.  It is a dynamic style microphone.


What I like most about this microphone is its versatility.  It can be used for just about anything you can imagine.  Its definitely a staple for me on drums and guitar amplifiers.  It provides good clean sound and is also considered by many as the "studio standard" in recording situations.  Other things I like about this microphone is what I like about all Shure products, they are very well built, can take a serious beating and still perform the same as the day you bought them and come with one of the best warranty (and out of warranty for that matter) plans I have ever heard of.  Even if you bought this used, had it for 5 years and one day dropped it off a side of a building, you can send it in to Shure for a nominal fee (usually less than half of what it cost brand new) and get a brand spanking new microphone with a brand new warranty, amazing!!!!  The only thing I don't like about this microphone is when you use it for vocals, it is too easy to make the dreaded "pop" noise when you push to much air on to the built in "wind screen" top.  I own a couple of these and I never paid more than $60 used and $90 new.  That is a great price for such a quality product.  The Precision and sound quality is superb.  That is why these are found in probably every serious studio in the world.  I own or have used a few different dynamic mics including Audix and EV.  Both of those companies make great mics (my EV's are old 40's era silver bullets) but I do find myself using the Shures more often.  Yes, infact I intend to buy some more as I am starting a mobile recording business and want to make sure I have enough to cover all the needs of any band I record.