Shure SM48-LC
Shure SM48-LC

SM48-LC, Micrófono Dinámico from Shure.

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AlanForPresident 16/07/2012

Shure SM48-LC : la opinión de AlanForPresident (content in English)

"cheap sound, not worth it"

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The shure SM 48 LC is a cardioid vocal mic that I didn’t like that much. Shure really didn’t seem like they wanted this mic to sound great, seems like they made most of the other cheaper mics they make at least sound decent but this mic did nothing for me and was a horror to record with at home. It sounds like a very cheap vocal mic that you can purchase at almost any store like Kmart or stores like that. There was nothing special about this mic that made me want to use it for more than a week. I used it for 1 song, it sounded awful, then I thought that I could boost some frequencies or add some stuff to it to get it clean and crisp but nothing worked. I re recorded the song hoping that maybe it was my fault but there was nothing I could do to fix how it sounded. Its just a flat out cheap mic, I purchased it for around 45 dollars at a used auction. I think they go for 60 brand new now, or at least at the time. I just had no idea that it was going to sound as bad as it did. Shure mine as well not even make this mic, I don’t understand why they did it just makes them look bad.


I would only recommend you get this mic if you get it used for about 25 bucks and you have no money to buy something better, and you just need to record some really rough stuff at home. that’s all you will be able to do with this mic. I wouldn’t record a song with this mic and let people hear it because it will sound very unprofessional and make you sound like an amateur. The whole purpose of recording at home, is to make it sound like you arent recording at home. that’s why we all want to have a good mic. This mic wont work for me.