The T.bone MB85 Beta
The T.bone MB85 Beta

MB85 Beta, Micrófono Dinámico from The T.bone.

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Audiofanzine FR 30/12/2010

The T.bone MB85 Beta : la opinión de Audiofanzine FR (content in English)


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Originally written by Yam59 on Audiofanzine FR.

I used to have a Shure SM57 for trumpet and a bugle for pop and jazz. I forgot my mic when I went to a rehearsal so I used the T-Bone MB85.


I was impressed by the highs! No distortion and clear sound, even at 50 cm. It was the same with vocals. So I ask myself why is there such a big difference in price compared to the SM58 or SM57... You pay for the brand! So I bought this mic and I recommend it! The only question is: will it withstand the test of time...
Very good value for money. It looks like the SM58: almost same weight, same sturdiness (or so it seems). Very good lows and highs compared with a SM57, which tend to sound a bit dull. Better than a replacement mic...