Fender G-DEC 3 Thirty
Fender G-DEC 3 Thirty

G-DEC 3 Thirty, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the G-DEC series.

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aidan.04 22/04/2008

Fender G-DEC 3 Thirty : la opinión de aidan.04 (content in English)


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Fender's G-DEC is a solid state combo amplifier with 15 watts of power and an 8" special design speaker. It features 16 amp models, 15 special effects presets (delay, chorus, flanger, etc), 15 drum and bass accompaniament loops, a metronome, and built-in tuner, and more.

Its controls include Gain, Volume, Tone, and a dedicated knob each for selecting amp models and effects, Backing Volume, Tempo, Key, Loop Select.

Its very cool how you can plug in a second guitar, for jamming or teaching and also plug in external music source (such as an ipod) for play-along.


Even due it being the smaller version (Fender also offers a 30 watt) it offers nearly all the features of its older bothers, and is very user-friendly because Fender managed to utilize knobs and avoid complex menus, so you still feel like you're playing an amp and not a computer.
I've tinkered with a Cyber Twin before, and this amp has a bit more ease-of-use, so it seems good for beginners or guys like myself that want to PLAY with what little time we have instead of being obsessed knob twiddlers.


First of all, the stock presets are a bit opver the top almost to the point of being cheesy. Some are useless. So you will have to invest some time creating your own presets but it will familiarize you with its capabilities, and its subtleties.

I particularly liked the Tweed and Blackface for clean sounds, and the Metal amp model was nice and extreme. It is hard to believe such a wide variety of tones is available in one package. You can get a full range of tones from jazzy clean, gritty clean, classic hi-gain, all the way to artificial harmonic-squealin, chugga chugga metal sound.

Just don't expect it to sound just like the real thing, or like a roaring half stack. Its great for bedroom volumes.


I'm torn over whether I want to keep this amp, or just try and find an effects unit to pair with my tube amp. What I might gain in sound quality, I might lose just as much in features and versatility. I love the convenience of this amp- they really pack in everything you could want and its just about everything I want or need for home practice. Its small and compact, and great to take to friends houses, move around to different rooms of the house on a whim.

As far as value, I am pleased with everything I have gotten in this amp. It offers a lot in this size and price range that Line6 and Behringer isn't offering, or anything else in the Fender line.