Line 6 Spider 210
Line 6 Spider 210

Spider 210, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Line 6 in the Spider I series.

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Alive2000 27/01/2009

Line 6 Spider 210 : la opinión de Alive2000 (content in English)


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This solid state modeling amp is a fifty watt rock and roll machine. but if blue or that old twangy country sound is more your thing, that's fine, too.

A quarter inch jack for your guitar allows you to select from four preset channels (that you can also customize), and 6 different basic tones: Clean, Twang, Blues, Crunch, Recto, and Insane, from cleanest to most distorted. you can fiddle with the ton knobs, which provide the usual high mid and low setting, and there is also a knob for adjustment of your reverb.

There are built in effects, allowing for chorus, flanger and tremolo by varying degrees, and three different echo types (delay, echo and ping-pong, which makes the sound hop back and forth from one speaker to the next.

Your master volume resides near the Ethernet port for the foot pedal you may or may not have, and further to the right is the quarter inch headphone jack, and the power switch.
Around back is the power cord input, and you're all set.


The general configuration of the amp is made to be simple. This amp is meant to be streamlined for those who want less frills, but still want to rock the pants off of whoever they felt necessary. The knobs turn as smoothly as silk, and setting your presets is as easy as playing "Mary Had a Little Lamb."

I have my four presets configured, and love them all. You can easily mess with anything on this amp, and it's wonderful.

The manual explains everything with enough detail for you to understand what you're doing, but not so much jargon that people would be lost.


This model of Spider suit me very well. As I don't always want to play the same thing, this amp allows me to break the notion in people that whatever your band plays most of, that's what kind of band it is. With the Spider, I can always keep 'em guessing.

I use my array of Ibanez guitars, including my IC-300, and ARC-100, and my Fernandes solid body acoustic. Occasionally the Dean Acoustic Electric is brought out to play on it, but not very often.

One of my favorite tones is the "twang" preset that i made. I've used it for many tracks i've recorded, and I've always been happy with the result.

The Insane setting can be a little overbearing, even for this metalhead.


I have been using this amp since the summer of 2000.

The thing I dislike about it the most is it's weight, but it's far outshined by it's ability to be versatile and streamlined at the same time.

I tried the Flextone II at the time, and felt it was too much for me at that time. Sure Marshalls sound nice and all, but what was wrong with getting something that can sound about the same, and isn't limited by having just one sound.

buyers can get this amp in particular for a steal, as the value has gone way down with the introduction of subsequent Spider lines. I got it new for $711 including the Line 6 FB4.

Knowing what i know now, I'd still buy the amp, though I'd probably wait for the price to go down.