Line 6 Spider II 15
Line 6 Spider II 15

Spider II 15, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Line 6 in the Spider II series.

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iamqman 02/07/2011

Line 6 Spider II 15 : la opinión de iamqman (content in English)

"15 watts is more like it"

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This little amp is nice priced and convenient amp. Much like the 75 watts it retains most of the features from the original amp modeling amps that line 6 starting making years ago. Now they have updated it to the modern times and it sounds not have bad. The tones of this amp I like a little better than the original Spider amps that I was previously used too. Line 6 has upped their tones in these new amp models with better tonal response.

Spider II 15 packs six Smart Control FX including, Phaser, Chorus/Flanger, Tremolo, Sweep Echo, Tape Echo, and Reverb. All effects can be easily tweaked and delay times can be adjusted using tap tempo.



* 4 amp models: Clean, Crunch, Metal & Insane
* 6 Smart Control FX (2 simultaneous) including Phaser, Chorus/Flanger, Tremolo, Sweep Echo, Tape Echo, and Reverb.
* 4 User-programmable channels
* Tap Tempo
* CD/MP3 input jack
* Headphone/Direct Out for practice or recording
* Custom 8-inch Speaker


I have always had a problem with amp modeling since they don't sound anything like a real amp. Don't get me wrong this unit will not sound like a real amp. But ti will get you in the ballpark of how they should sound. This amp is not designer to rival real tube amps but give a learner or beginner a great start at learning the electric guitar.

I like this amp with just about any guitar. Since it is a modeler you can use a Fender Strat for some blues or clean tones and switch over to a Les Paul or another humbucking style guitar for some rock or metal tones.

This is fun little amp for practicing and that is about it. You are never going to gig with this amp or probably never record with it. You might get laughed out o the recoding session. However, it really wasn't intended to be that.


This amp is not longer in production and has been updated in a newer model. You can find it on the used market for under $99. This amp is marketed a the beginning guitar player who needs an amp with a load of effects and options. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone trying to start a band or responding to a craiglist ad looking for a guitar player with a lot of sounds. So for the learner player this would be fine.