Behringer Truth B2030A
Behringer Truth B2030A

Truth B2030A, Monitor Activo from Behringer in the Truth series.

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songboy 22/03/2010

Behringer Truth B2030A : la opinión de songboy (content in English)


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I actually had these in a studio I used to work in for awhile. I didn't buy them, they were just there so I used them quite often. These are self powered monitors so they require no amp. We ran these off of a M Audio Fast Track interface with a Mac Pro running Logic 8. These were our main mixing monitors until we upgraded to some JBL's.


The stereo image was actually fairly good and was very accurate when we would test the final mixes on other gear. The dynamics were good enough for our small studio, but after we got the JBL's, we noticed a few things. One, the bass response on the Behringers wasn't very good. They also were not as flat as the JBL's and when we redid some of the last mixes we did with the behringers on the JBL's, they came out much cleaner and more balanced. There are no effects on these monitors.


What I liked about these monitors at the time was they seemed decently flat and balanced, but after using the JBL's, we realized that these were not as good as we thought they were. I think the studio paid around $400 for the pair. Personally, I don't care for behringer stuff when it comes to audio (as opposed to midi) applications so I wouldn't have paid that much. I give them a 7 out of 10 for sound quality. They worked fairly well for us for the 6 - 8 months that I used them. Yes, I have used Events, Jbl's, wharfedales, Mackies, etc... and the behringers are very low on my list. NO, I would not buy these and wouldn't recommend them to anyone.